Forgotten Tracks #13 – When Babies Eat Pennies

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While still mourning the loss of Ben Curtis, I pulled out the most obscure project he was involved in to my knowledge; When Babies Eat Pennies. They formed right after the band Tripping Daisy, (in which Ben played drums) broke up due to the death of guitarist Wes BerggrenWhen Babies Eat Pennies was kind of a supergroup of Dallas musicians.

Ben Curtis (drums, at the time formerly of UFOFU and Tripping Daisy)
Philip Karnats (guitar, formerly of Tripping Daisy as well)
Noa Lothian (samples, formerly of Bedhead)
Ricki Pearson (bassist, former Buck Pets)
Chris Wheat (vocals, formerly of Bedhead)

They played a few shows and put out one single release… a self-titled double 7″ record. I know at the time they supposedly had 20+ tracks recorded and gave some CDRs away here and there but nothing else to my knowledge has see the light of day. It is hard to find anything on the web about them short of a few local artciles and a few rough live videos on Youtube. I have found at least one newer band by the same name on Soundcloud so please do not confuse them with the original.

I have converted the four tracks from the double 7″ release circa the year 2000 to digital and uploaded to youtube to share with you and the masses. Enjoy this special edition of Forgotten Tracks.

1A – Sane Songs
1B – Henry Warm
2C – Clutzie Duntz
2D – Draw The Reel In

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